Industrial and construction waste management services. Decommissioning, recovery, transportation and disposal of hazardous and controlled waste solutions.

Oil Tank Cleaning

We have the knowledge, expertise and specialist equipment to carry out effective and safe tank cleaning services. We clean tanks and safely dispose of any harmful waste which is collected during the process. Our methods of tank cleaning will normally use water jetting, gas detection, oxygen level metering and spillage kits to ensure that the tank cleaning is conducted thoroughly and safely.

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Industrial Boiler Removal

Industrial boiler removal is a job which requires specialist knowledge. The knowledge and skills of our staff means that we are able to carry out industrial boiler removal efficiently. Before we begin the work, we will provide you with a method statement. We will then use specialist equipment to conduct the industrial boiler removal in a controlled and safe manner.

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Oil Tank Removal, Decommissioning & Disposal

Our oil tank removal methods are thorough but simple. The procedure begins with us inspecting and testing the tank. We then clean, purge and decommission the tank. Safety is always at the forefront of our minds with oil tank removal and our experienced staff, who are trained to work with oil tanks of any size either above or below ground, will always adhere to the guidelines as set out by the Environment Agency.

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Chillers & Fridge (White Goods) Disposal

Fridges and freezers (white goods) are considered to be hazardous waste and should be collected by a specialist waste contractor and WEEE regulations met. For the collection of all types of domestic and commercial fridges and fridge-freezers, including local authority and NHS trusts, contact Industrial Disposal.

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Refrigerant Disposal

We can carry out a quick and safe refrigerant disposal service on air conditioning units, fridges and freezers including HCFCs like R22 and R408A refrigerants for compliance with EC Ozone Regulation EC/1005/2009. The job is handled carefully and any hazardous materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We will carefully and safely dispose of any equipment containing ozone depleting refrigerants. And with our refrigerant disposal procedure, you will be given the relevant documentation in keeping with legislation.

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Battery Disposal

When it comes to battery disposal, safety is of paramount importance because old batteries can be hazardous. This is why our highly trained staff will ensure that they are wearing the appropriate clothing to adhere to safety guidelines. And that is the case at every step of the battery disposal procedure; we always ensure that we are in line with set guidelines and legislation as we collect and dispose of a huge range of batteries.

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Fluorescent Tubes and Lighting Disposal

Hazardous waste such as fluorescent lighting tubes, which contain mercury, should be carefully handled and the materials recycled where possible. We collect and safely dispose of all types of fluorescent and argon lighting and provide supporting Transfer and Waste Disposal Notes.

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Cylinder Disposal

CO2 cylinder bottles can be difficult to get rid of. But with our help, you can be assured that your cylinder disposal will be carried out safely and correctly. We remove and dispose of industrial CO2 cylinders in a professional way and we will provide you with all the relevant paperwork after the cylinder disposal process has been completed.

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PCB Oil Disposal and Transformer Removal

Contact Industrial Disposal for expert dismantling with safe decontamination and disposal of PCB oils and transformers to all the current environmental and safety standards. We fully assess your equipment and provide a competitively priced, efficient, and fully documented service.

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