Industrial and construction waste management services. Decommissioning, recovery, transportation and disposal of hazardous and controlled waste solutions.
Industrial Gas and Diesel Generators Removal and Decommissioning

Industrial Generators, Gas and Oil – Removal and Decommissioning

Removal, decommissioning, or onsite relocation of Industrial Generators requires specialised knowledge, which our team of qualified engineers can provide. Cranage for heavy plant and specialist lifting equipment carries Insurance Certification on board at all times. Before work begins, we will provide you with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for approval. All work is executed in strict compliance with Health & Safety legislature.

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Oil Tank Cleaning

We undertake specialist cleaning of any type of industrial oil tank. Wherever tanks are situated, we have the experience and equipment to gain access to them. Tank wastes are uplifted and transported from site for appropriate processing at our designated licenced recovery and disposal centres. Waste Transfer documentation is issued in strict compliance with Environment Agency legislature. We use eco-friendly cleaning consumables only

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Industrial Boiler Removal

Industrial boiler removal is a job which requires specialist knowledge. The knowledge and skills of our staff means that we are able to carry out industrial boiler removal efficiently. Before we begin the work, we will provide you with a method statement. We will then use specialist equipment to conduct the industrial boiler removal in a controlled and safe manner.

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Oil Tank Removal, Decommissioning & Disposal

Our qualified Operatives can accommodate any size of tank in any location above or below ground. We provide the appropriate lifting equipment or cranage which carry their certificated insurances on board. Where cranage is not practicable, tanks are cut into man-manageable pieces for removal from site. We begin with inspection and testing of tanks contents, as safety is paramount if handling hazardous oils. Following our site survey, we will provide you with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for approval.

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Fridges, Freezers, White Goods Disposal

Fridges and freezers are considered to be hazardous waste and should be collected by a specialist waste contractor to comply with WEEE regulations [Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment]. Regulations are to reduce the amount of waste incinerated or sent to landfill sites. Reduction is achieved by encouraging the recovery, reuse and recycling of products, components and their gases. Contact Industrial Disposal for the collection of domestic, commercial and industrial fridges and fridge-freezers. We are registered to collect from local authorities and NHS trusts

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Chillers and Refrigerant Disposal

We provide a refrigerant disposal service for Chillers and Air conditioning units in compliance with EC Ozone Regulation EC/1005/2009. Our qualified Operatives will identify ozone friendly or depleting gases before decanting them for safe transportation to our designated licensed recovery centre for appropriate handling. Waste Transfer documentation will be issued in compliance with Environment Agency legislature.
We should be happy to discuss the option of degassing your equipment FREE OF CHARGE if the equipment is present-day and in good condition. The cost of transportation, issuance of Waste Transfer documentation could be absorbed in exchange for the value of the equipment.

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Battery Disposal

Old batteries can be hazardous. When it comes to battery disposal, safety is of paramount importance as they can contain acid, lead or mercury for example. Our experienced Operatives will ensure that health risks are managed thoroughly. PPE is worn throughout the handling process. Any electricity supply is isolated before the dismantling work begins. We collect a vast range of industrial batteries for either recycling or regulated disposal at our licensed handling centres.

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Fluorescent Tubes and Lighting Disposal

We collect all types of fluorescent and argon lighting for transfer to our designated recovery centres for regulated handling in compliance with Environmental Agency legislature. Disposal of fluorescent lighting tubes is deemed hazardous as it contains mercury which requires specialist treatment. The recycling process involves the distilling of elemental Mercury from the powder in the lamps. You will be issued with Waste Transfer documentation for your safety records.

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Cylinders – Fire Suppression Cylinder Disposal

Fire suppression cylinders can be difficult to find a home for. But with our help, you can be assured that your cylinder disposal will be carried out safely and correctly. We remove all types of industrial high pressure Fire suppression cylinders and transfer them to the designated licensed handling centres for repatriation or disposal. We will issue you with the relevant Waste Transfer documentation for your Environmental records.

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