Case Study: Oil Tank Decommissioning in Gravesend, Kent

Project Site: Imperial Wharf, Clifton Marine Parade, Gravesend, Kent
Job brief: Decommission six oil tanks in Gravesend, Kent.
Date: March 2014.

This oil tank decommissioning project in Kent required the supply of our experienced operatives, IBC tanks and specialised equipment to decommission six large redundant fuel tanks.

Oil Tank Decommissioning Process

Our operatives first cut away each tanks heating coil and loaded them to our transport for removal from site. As heavy crude oil was found in three of the tanks, it was necessary to further supply kerosene oil to pump into tanks for the purpose of breaking it down

The safe uplifting of this crude oil sludge and residues was then undertaken and removed from site. Following an internal gas vapour check for safe air reading, our operatives finally entered the tanks to undertake the cleaning and purging of them.

Environmental and Health Aspects of Oil Tank Decommissioning

We ensure all our work and our customers comply with Environment Agency and the Industry’s Health and Safety Executive regulations. Read more about oil tank decommissioning on our Oil Tank Removal, Decommissioning & Disposal page.

Photo: Oil Tank Decommissioning in Kent. Six fuel tanks decomissioned and cleaned in Gravesend, Kent