Case Study: Oil Tank Decommissioning, Removal and Disposal in Tottenham, North London

Project Site: Northumberland Park House, Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London N17
Job brief: To decommission and gas-free two oil tanks, and remove from site in North London.

This project was undertaken in an area that is largely residential and Northumberland Park House is currently used as a hostel.

Oil Tank Decommissioning Process

Using specialist equipment the first process was to cold cut an access hole into the side of each of two oil tanks. The next part of the decommissioning process was to clean and purge the oil tanks removing sludge and residues before removing oil and waste safely from the site.

Our experienced operatives ensure that every stage complies with the Environment Agency and the Industry’s Health and Safety Executive regulations. Following monitoring, testing and a subsequent safe reading we were able to issue gas-free certificates and the required Waste Consignment Note upon completion the oil tank decommissioning process.

Oil tank removal and decommissioning in Tottenham, London

Oil Tank Removal and Disposal Process

The two oil tanks were installed in an inaccessible location so that neither tank could be lifted and removed complete. Where oil tank disposal is complicated by inaccessibility our operatives, experienced and certified for work in confined spaces, cut the tanks into hand manageable sizes and manually loaded the parts onto our transport  for removal from site.

The final part of the disposal process was to purge, disconnect and dismantle all adjoining oil tank pipe-work and remove these from the site. Additionally we removed the steel access door and a brick wall.

Photo: Our operatives are certified to work in confined spaces