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Industrial Disposal is a leading UK collection and battery disposal company who specialise in the safe disposal of large quantities of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries, and emergency lighting batteries.

An example of the wide range of industrial battery types we collect with the following chemistries are:

  • Lead acid batteries disposal
  • Non lead acid batteries disposal
  • Alkaline manganese batteries disposal
  • Lithium batteries disposal
  • Lithium ion batteries disposal
  • Mercury oxide batteries disposal
  • Nickel cadmium batteries disposal
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries disposal
  • Alkaline batteries disposal
  • Zinc carbon batteries disposal
  • Silver oxide batteries disposal
  • Zinc chloride batteries disposal
  • Zinc air batteries disposal
  • Air depolarised batteries disposal

Our collection and battery disposal services operate around the UK, but primarily in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

Please contact us to discuss your battery disposal requirements.

We conform to safety standards for controlled waste transfer

The disposal of UPS batteries is cost effective to a business and your old batteries could be hazardous.

As members of the Industry Accreditation Agency Alcumus SafeContractor, we hold the appropriate licenses and certifications to undertake your particular task.

We take our health and safety compliance seriously.

Environmentally-friendly recycling process

Once you have called us, we can arrange a site visit with one of our engineers who will discuss your requirements for clearance and safe decommissioning and de-racking  of your batteries.  We will provide you with our competitive quotation.

Following acceptance of the quotation, we will issue you with our Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS).

Your approval of the RAMS will evidence your compliance to meet all the health and safety and legal criteria of the Environment Agency for disposal of Hazardous Wastes.

Example of UPS battery removal procedure

Prior to commencement, our Operatives will sign the RAMS to confirm that they are understood

Safety aspects such as hazard signs and barriers will be erected to protect all third parties. Our Operatives wear the appropriate clothing throughout the process.

We confirm that the battery removal will not compromise the BMS (building management system) or your specific site and buildings guidelines

Our site supervisor will ensure the battery charger(s) are off and the electricity is isolated before the dismantling work begins, as devices contain dangerous live elements and high levels of stored energy.

The batteries will be disconnected manually using our set procedures and placed in our battery boxes to protect the surrounding area from any hazardous spillage

The waste batteries will be transported and taken away to a licensed disposal site in our specialist recycling vehicles

Our site foreman will oversee the operation, working in tandem with the relevant authorised personnel in charge of the site or buildings clearance project

Upon completion of the works all areas will be left clean and tidy


In accordance with legislative requirements, we will issue you with the relevant Waste Consignment Transfer Notes for your Company records.

Please take advantage of our services by contacting us today to discuss your requirements!