Oil Tank Removal, Decommissioning & Disposal

For details of our Tank Cleaning Services please click here. Please visit our Industrial Plant Disposal Projects page for recent decomissioning projects.

Complete one-stop service

Industrial Disposal are specialists in all types of industrial tank removal and decommissioning.

Whatever the tank sizes and wherever they are situated, Industrial Disposal has the know-how, manpower, plant and machinery to remove them.

We operate oil tank removal, tank decommissioning and disposal services around the UK, but primarily in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire. Please contact us to discuss your oil tank removal and oil tank decommissioning requirements.

Unique approach

We understand that each task requires a unique approach and we will undertake careful analysis of your specific project to establish the most straight forward cost effective way forward.

  • Large and easily accessible tanks which have been fully decommissioned will be extracted from their location, and craned onto one of our low-loaders for transportation from site.
  • Where tanks cannot be accessed for uplifting as whole units, our operatives will decommission, empty, gas-free and cut them into manageable pieces for removal from site.
  • We use the latest cold cutting and flame cutting equipment appropriate to the location of the tanks. We maintain a constant awareness of working within hazardous environments and other potentially hazardous neighbouring plant
  • All operatives are experienced in Confined Space work and hold relevant certification
  • A Gas-Free certificate is issued for each tank we decommission

Difficult access – It could be necessary on occasion to deconstruct and rebuild tank room walls which we at Boiler and Plant will also undertake as part of our complete service to you.

Safety of our operatives

All internal tank work is constantly monitored by an external ‘top-man’, using the latest safety equipment and breathing apparatus.

We will work in accordance with your site guidelines and the PPE at work Regulations 2002.

Legislation dictates that every stage of the process must comply with the stringent regulations of the Environment Agency and the Industry’s Health and Safety Executive.

Contact us for your one-stop solution

Wherever you are located in the UK, you will find that our efficient system is simple and easy to use.

  • Call us on 020 7183 3222 to arrange a site visit with one of our engineers who will discuss your disposal and/or cleaning requirements
  • We will provide you with our:
    • quotation outlining the tasks be undertaken
    • Risk Assessment and Method Statement [RAMS], which is a mandatory requirement of the Health & Safety executive
    • Operatives certifications (copies)
    • Contractors Public and Employee liability Insurance (copy)
  • Your approval of these will demonstrate your compliance to our mutual environmental responsibilities

Documentation upon completion

You will be issued with the appropriate Waste Consignment Note, Waste Disposal Note or Duty of Care Note together with Gas-free certificates and copy of Industrial Disposal’s Waste Carriers license as applicable.