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Cylinders – Fire Suppression Cylinder Disposal

Cylinders – Fire Suppression Cylinder Disposal

At Industrial Disposal, one of our key services is for the removal and disposal of industrial CO2 cylinders. We can undertake any job size and safely dispose of all your old cylinders. Once they have been disarmed and transported from site we can then issue you with the appropriate disposal certification.

We operate industrial cylinder disposal services around the UK, but primarily in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire. Please contact us to discuss your cylinder removal and disposal requirements.

Safe disposal of your cylinder bottles

When it comes to large 200kg CO2 cylinder bottles, these can be difficult to get rid of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Here at Industrial Disposal we specialise in the collection and disposal of a range of industrial cylinders.

We can disarm and remove all of the following cylinder systems:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Halon
  • FM-200
  • Inergen

Contact us to arrange for the collection of your cylinders

The easiest way to deal with the disposal of cylinders which are of no further use to your business is to request a collection by our qualified disposal team. We have the technical knowledge to carry out the operation whilst meeting the Environment Agency legal requirements.

We use a safe and efficient disposal process

  • At first we will need you to provide us with a detailed list of what you need collecting, the type of waste, its weight / volume, condition of the cylinder and where it is currently located
  • We will then provide a quotation and a Notification of Hazardous Waste Disposal form will need to be completed
  • We take great care to carry out the waste disposal procedure safely and all our staff are trained in how to handle cylinders correctly
  • We first check to ensure that all potential chemical and hazardous waste is properly classified before we start the job
  • All the labels and over-packing materials which are needed will be provided by us
  • Once the job is complete we will issue all the necessary documentation required for hazardous waste disposal.

Our waste disposal solutions

Due to changes in landfill regulations on hazardous waste, the disposal of cylinders is classified under this directive. Therefore, because of the stringent laws regarding the criteria for waste acceptance, only a suitably qualified company can process and dispose of this type of waste. You can leave the complex regulations to us and benefit from our cost effective cylinder disposal services. We can pack, transport and recycle your industrial cylinders, while making sure all documentation is in order.