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Industrial Generators, Gas and Oil – Removal and Decommissioning

Industrial Gas and Diesel Generators Removal and Decommissioning

Industrial Generators, Gas and Oil – Removal and Decommissioning

Industrial Disposal / Boiler & Plant Dismantlers are specialists in the decommissioning, removal or re-location of all types of industrial generators.

Whatever their weight, size, quantity and wherever they are situated, we can provide the appropriate plant, machinery and qualified manpower to move them.

Primarily, we operate in the London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, yet have the capacity to cover the UK.

Unique Approach

  • We understand that each task requires a unique approach and we will undertake careful analysis of your specific project to establish the most straight forward cost effective way forward.
  • We can decommission Generators for you and any associated fuel feed tanks prior to removal. Decommissioned plant will be extracted from its location, and craned to either its new location, or loaded onto one of our low-loaders for transportation from site.
  • We can ensure that no unscheduled power failure will occur during the decommissioning process

Large generators 

Easily accessible

  • We provide CPA (Construction Plant-Hire Association) and Contract Lift cranage to lift plant in its entirety
  • Lifting Plans and Insurance Certification will accompany the Cranage throughout the process
  • On-site Lifting Supervisors will be in attendance throughout

Difficult access

  • On occasion it might be necessary to deconstruct and rebuild the walls of the generator room which we can also undertake as part of our complete service to you..

Generators with associated Fuel Tanks

Should associated fuel tanks also need removal, we have the services to accommodate this too.

Oil and sludge residues will be emptied and transported from site to licensed depots for specialised handling. Hazardous Waste Transfer Notes will be issued for your record keeping as confirmation of your compliance with Environmental Agency regulations.

  • Large tanks: Man access will be necessary and our qualified operatives use certificated safety equipment and breathing apparatus to purge and clean them. Tanks and pipe-work will then be gas freed.
  • The cleaning process is monitored externally throughout by our designated top-man operative.
  • Tanks in areas of limited working space are cut into hand-manageable pieces to facilitate transference to vehicles for removal.
  • Each operative holds Confined Space CSCS/CTCS certification.
  • Gas-free Certificates are issued once safe oxygen level metering is achieved.
  • Small tanks: We can clean tanks from the outside by cold cutting access holes for the jetting equipment and implement our specialised cleaning techniques.

Generators of commercial value

We may offer a reduction in costs in exchange for the value of the plant being removed.

Safety of our operatives

We will work in accordance with site guidelines and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 2002 to reduce the risks to employees as far as is reasonably practicable.

Contact us for your one-stop solution

Wherever you are located in the UK, you will find that our efficient system is simple and easy to use.

  • You can either call us on 020 7183 3222 to arrange a site visit with one of our engineers to discuss your requirements, or
  • Please click on the CONTACT US button above to send your enquiry through to


  • Following a site visit, we will provide you with our:
    • written quotation outlining the methods of works and price breakdown
    • Risk Assessment and Method Statement [RAMS], which is a mandatory requirement of the Health & Safety executive
    • Operatives certifications (copies)
    • Contractors Public and Employee liability Insurance (copy)
  • Your approval of these documents will demonstrate our mutual commitment to our environmental responsibilities in undertaking your task.

Documentation upon completion

  • You will be issued with your Gas-free certificate where tank work is involved and the appropriate Waste Transfer Notes.
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  • Assuring you of our best attention, Industrial Disposal.